About Us

Sani Baysal and Namishkumar Sureshkumar teamed up and founded a new diamond exportation company, CharismaLoyal LLP, in India. They manufacture, export, and sell diamonds worldwide at what many have called "the most reasonable rate."

As part of their business plan, the founders intend to keep business coming their way by ensuring that no other companies will offer more competitive prices for diamonds than them. In this way, they provide their items cheaper than wholesale prices directly to buyers. When asked how they intend to achieve this without losing most of their profit, they disclosed that the "middle man" would be cut off.

Sani started trading in diamonds in 2015. By 2018, he had established his own manufacturing company in Surat, India. The Naimish family, on the other hand, has been in the diamond business since 1982.

Sani Baysal is one of the world's greatest entrepreneurs. He has traveled many countries on the verge of obtaining the best quality diamonds. Charisma Loyal finds the best natural diamonds directly from exotic regions. Not only does Charisma Loyal specialize in natural diamonds, they are also pioneers in Lab-Grown Diamonds. The best lab-Grown Diamonds are made with the use of high-tech machines. The goal is to offer consumers online diamonds of the highest quality with the most extensive selection at the best price. Our mindset at Charisma Loyal is to make dreams come true with affordable diamonds. In doing so, Charisma Loyal makes it possible for you to stop spending unnecessary money on non-worthy jewelry stores. Our business is growing day by day. We are not only wholesalers but also manufacturers. Besides, we offer price-matching guarantees to all our clients.