Like any other natural diamond, Clarity Enhanced Diamonds are 100% natural mined diamonds. After being cut and polished, these diamonds undergo another unique treatment to improve the diamond's clarity. This treatment does not change any diamond property other than its clarity (even the carat weight remains the same). Improving clarity takes a diamond with a visible imperfection and makes the imperfection invisible to the naked eye. The mark remains in the diamond but can no longer be seen. A more technical explanation would be as follows: We insert a microscopic amount of material into the diamond with a feather during the clarity enhancement process. This material has the same optical properties as diamond itself. When light moves from one medium to another, it changes its course or reflects differently. When light attempts to pass through a non-enhanced diamond with a feather, the light hits the feather and reflects off in any direction. That is why we see the feather, and the diamond does not seem clean. In a diamond with improved clarity, the light passes through the natural feather because the material used for the improvement has the same optical properties as the diamond. The beam of light "thinks" that it is still moving through the same material (diamond) and continuing its original course.

The revolutionary process optically eliminates "feathers" naturally occurring in most diamonds. A visually more impressive diamond that you can buy significantly less than a similar-looking, unenhanced diamond. Diamonds with improved clarity are natural and come from the same diamond mines as all other diamonds. The process of improving clarity is invisible to the naked eye. Only your trained jeweler will find out that you own a diamond with enhanced natural clarity. The improvement in clarity does not change the diamond in any way! It's still a natural diamond. Look better. Take a look at the before and after pictures below and judge for yourself.

Does Clarity Enhancement Change the Diamond in Any Way?

Should I consider buying a diamond with enhanced clarity? No, it's still a natural diamond - it just looks better. The amount of material used to fill the nib is so microscopic that even the world's premier diamond lab, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), has reported that the process of improving clarity adds ZERO WEIGHT to a diamond.

Of course, everyone should consider buying a diamond with enhanced clarity. Many people buy diamonds with enhanced clarity and are very happy. Those who are likely not delighted bought them and weren't told. Many jewelers and people in the industry, especially diamond dealers, disapprove of "clarity enhanced" diamonds. Why? Because this invention has brought less expensive, good-looking diamonds to the consumer, which is taking business away from them. Over the past eight years,

upgraded diamonds have become popular because they offer the best value for money. You get a very nice, larger, eye-clean diamond for the price of a smaller traditional diamond. The benefits of diamonds with enhanced clarity:

Enhancing clarity is at the forefront of natural diamond treatments. This sophisticated scientific process offers many unparalleled advantages. You won't find a better deal on a natural diamond. Somewhere. Guaranteed. 1. Price - A diamond with improved clarity can cost as little as 30% -50% of an unimproved diamond with a similar rating. Enhancing clarity provides the best value for money for natural diamonds. 2. Size - A diamond with improved clarity is still natural for the same budget. Still, it can be around 30 to 50% larger as the size of the diamond you can afford increases significantly. Appearance - Gives the same budget. A diamond with improved clarity will always be more beautiful and a higher grade.

Since improving clarity is better value for money on the same budget, you can afford a diamond that is still natural but has color, greater clarity, and a better cut. Durable for a lifetime - The proprietary process we use is highly durable and will stay intact for a lifetime. The treatment lasts a lifetime intact and withstands everyday wear and tear like any natural diamond. Only strong industrial acids or extreme hearing above 300 degrees Celsius (572 degrees Fahrenheit) can reverse the improvement. Scoring Improved Clarity Diamonds Should a diamond with improved clarity be rated as it appears before or after the enhancement is applied? Since the clarity enhancement process aims to change the diamond's clarity, this selection varies the grade obtained. Some geologists claim that diamonds should be graded before the enhancement is applied. Since the enhancement can be undone by special equipment, specific quality and certificate can be made wrong if the enhancement is removed. The grading based on clarity before enhancement is that the grade obtained is irrelevant in determining the diamond dollar value. An improved diamond that has achieved a clarity level of VS2 is worth more than a diamond with only a clarity level of SI1. Therefore, gemologists specializing in diamonds with enhanced clarity consistently rate the diamond after applying the enhancement. GIA has decided not to certify diamonds with enhanced clarity at all. Other well-known laboratories, such as EGL, IGI, etc., actually evaluate improved stones and base their report on the state of clarity as it appears after improvement through a 10X magnifying microscope and 2X magnification (naked eye).

Why Buy a Clarity Enhancement Diamond?

Simple - because of its remarkably high value! Get a bigger natural diamond or one of a higher quality for your money. Now you can own the diamond you always wanted but couldn't afford. The enhancement process is invisible to the naked eye. Only you and your jeweler will ever know that it is a CE diamond.


The diamonds we sell that are enhanced come from the same diamond mines as those sold by all other diamond companies. The enhancement technology allows us to make certain types of inclusions within the diamond disappear to no longer be visible to the naked eye and sometimes even under a scope or loupe.


A diamond expert must study every diamond from the mine to maximize the finished diamond's beauty and size. One possibility would be cutting the octahedron in half to create two equal-sized stones.


Since our proprietary process allows us to make certain types of inclusions invisible, we can cut a much larger diamond than other companies. That extra size, weight, and beauty are yours at no additional cost.


On the Left: The diamond cutter is forced to cut this diamond. The inclusion does not appear in the polished stone. The result of their cutting will be a small diamond. On the Right: CHARISMA LOYAL Diamonds can incorporate natural inclusion within the finished diamond by making it invisible to the naked eye. The result of our cutting is a much larger diamond compared to others.


CHARISMA LOYAL Diamonds insert a microscopic amount of a proprietary substance into the inclusion, making it completely invisible to the naked eye. This unique material has the same optical properties as the diamond, so light can now pass through the inclusion. The amount of material we use is so tiny that our competitors have never been able to extract it, study it, or copy it.


The only type of diamond inclusion that we can make disappear is called a "feather." Although the "feather" is still there, you cannot see it, nor can a jeweler. The treatment can be reversed only by solid acids and bases or a jeweler's torch. In the improbable event that this would ever happen, we would be happy to re-enhance the diamond at no extra cost.